What to Do in Singapore? Eat!

Singapore, an unexpected stop on our Southeast Asian itinerary thanks to a cheap flight from there to India. Our culinary expectations for this small city-state were low, particularly in the wake of our street food experiences in Thailand and Malaysia. Yet in the three days before our flight to India, it seemed like all we did was eat. … [Read more...]

Multicultural Snacking in Malaysia

You know, the Chinese are funny people: so long as their eyes are open, they are looking for food. –- an ethnic Chinese Malaysian man sizes up the Malaysian appetite for street foodTruth is, this quote applies to just about everyone in Malaysia. And why not? Like many of its neighbors in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is home to the holy trinity of street food … [Read more...]

Beautiful and Ghastly: China’s Ethnic Markets

china ethnic markets

Where can you find pig face manicures, dog steaks, gambling novice Buddhist monks, snake oil laxatives, and locals getting their teeth replaced on the street? How about dazzling embroidered traditional clothing, mountains of fresh greens, and meat so fresh that it still moves?Only in China and only in this video. … [Read more...]

A Chinese Food Grab Bag

To close our Chinese food series, we share a few miscellaneous bits, bites and highlights that we just couldn’t shoehorn into the previous segments. We remember fondly the Chinese dining experience: refrigerator cases full of greens, skyscraper piles of tofu, the flash fry technique, earthy-brown soy and sesame oil chili pepper sauces, and copious condiments.The … [Read more...]

Sichuan Cuisine

Málà - numbing and hot – that’s Sichuan cuisine. The wild Sichuan peppercorn (huājiāo), a little bit pink, a little more purple – really sets Sichuan cuisine apart. Take a bite of one and your mouth tingles as an addictive numbness makes its way to your lips. This is the má. Combine it with the characteristic hot blanket of chili peppers – the là – and you have … [Read more...]

Top 10 Chinese Dumplings

Da Yu Dumplings

Can (wo)man live on dumplings alone?The answer in China: Yes!Steamed, fried or boiled; round, crescent, or amorphous; meat or veg; thin-skinned or thick, dumplings in China form a universe all their own.By no means are we experts in Chinese dumplings. That's a life's work. But we can offer a brief primer and the best of our dumpling experiences in … [Read more...]

Hot Pot Fever

Fixings for Hot Pot

Clinging to the theme of sweaty, shirtless men, we bring you our reflections on hot pot in China.Women, don’t be repulsed. Men, don’t toss your shirts just yet. … [Read more...]

Demystifying Food in China: An Introduction

When we talk to people about our travels in China, we sense their fear.No, not political or economic fear: Didn’t you have trouble with the language? How about the food? Chinese food in China is terrible, isn’t it? Don’t they eat a lot of dog?"All fair questions and sentiments, particularly if you've never been to China. We have a real story to tell about … [Read more...]

REAL Chinese Food: A Photo Essay

Once you get past the mounds of chili-marinated chicken feet and the rows of village dogmeat vendors, Chinese food in China is terrific.Regional Chinese cuisines and ethnic minority specialties deliver a diversity of flavors and texture. The vast array of peppers, spices and sauces ensure that taste buds rarely grow tired. … [Read more...]