An Evening with Refugees: When Going Home Isn’t an Option


Thanksgiving, an American holiday fueled by family gatherings and gratitude, came and went last Thursday. Unfortunately, we were away from home this year so we couldn’t spend this occasion with our family. But this was borne of our own choice, circumstances of our own making.In contrast, many people in this world do not have this choice. Simply put, they cannot go … [Read more...]

Panorama of the Week: Panthip Plaza – Bangkok, Thailand

panthip plaza bangkok

For those of you who've visited Bangkok, the name Pantip (or Panthip, if you like) probably rings familiar. If you've never traveled to Bangkok and wondered what shopping for gadgets, computers and electronics might look like, here it is: one part modern shopping mall, another part chaotic Asian street market. … [Read more...]

Thailand and Kyrgyzstan: Travel, Media, and Fear of the Unknown

Kyrgyz Mountain Kids

If you keep up with the news, it’s hard not to notice that Thailand and Kyrgyzstan have been in the midst of political turmoil and violent protests this past week. In an effort to offer a foil to images of bloodied protesters in Bishkek, I posted a link to a series of photo essays from our visit to Kyrgyzstan in 2007.Some friends thanked us, while another also … [Read more...]

From Bangkok to Buenos Aires, For the Love of Public Transport

You took the San Martin city train? Foreigners usually just take taxis here. -– A local porteño, eyes wide, expresses shock at our opting to take one of Buenos Aires’ grittier public transport lines during our first week in town.Taxi cabs are easy: they get you from point A to B directly and with relative efficiency. In a taxi you don’t have to deal with people … [Read more...]

Avoiding Theft at Airport Security

Uncornered Market on Facebook

As we prepare for our departure to Guatemala and secure the various latches on our gear, I'm reminded of being robbed by airport security employees in Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport last year. Fortunately, miraculously - and somewhat shadily - I was reimbursed.A recent comment from a woman who had money stolen at airport security in Toronto, Canada served as a … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve: A Ritual and a Rat

Wise Faces at Wat Arun

Early on New Year's Eve, before the festivities began, we dropped by a local cafŽe in order to perform our annual year-end ritual of reflection and looking forward. Although the specific exercises have evolved, the objective of our ritual remains the same - reflect on the past year and determine themes for the year ahead. … [Read more...]