Bruised Bottoms to Battambang

Tonle Sap Lake - En Route to Battambang

There are two ways to get to Battambang from Siem Reap: 1) bus on reliable roads, 5 to 6 hours or 2) boat on less than reliable waterways, 5 to 10 hours. We chose the boat option, having read that the journey along Tonle Sap Lake is the best water trip in Cambodia, where beautiful scenery and active floating villages accompany you most of the way. … [Read more...]

Bugs and Blessings

Grilled Beetles

First the Bugs Curious, Dan struck up a conversation with a table of people enjoying their late afternoon snack of bugs and sugar cane juice near the river in Battambang. After inviting us to sit with them, he received a proper - and unexpected - lesson in art of bug eating. Step 1: remove the wings and legs. Step 2: pop them into his mouth, Step 3: chew a long, long … [Read more...]

Battambang on a Motorbike

Primitive Pastoral

Spending a day on the back of a motorbike going around the villages and sites near Battambang is one of the best ways to take in Cambodia’s countryside while getting a bit of an adrenaline kick. This trip proved one of our personal travel hightlights in Southeast Asia. … [Read more...]

Motorbike Driver Chronicles

Praying at Phnom Sampeau

While visiting Battambang, we hired motorbike drivers for a day to take us through the surrounding countryside. Our day with them yielded an authentic look at Cambodian country life. Our drivers also shared glimpses of their own personal stories with us. Their stories were typical of many Cambodians and serve as a collective memory of a country that lost half its … [Read more...]

What’s Cookin’ in Battambang

Vegetables and Flowers - Battambang Market

There's no better way to comprehend a cuisine than to cook something for yourself. To that end, we signed up for a Cambodian cooking course with Smoking Pot Restaurant (yes, clever naming). Along the way, we also picked up some more Cambodian history. … [Read more...]