Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand: A Perfect Beach for a Picnic [360-Degree Panorama]

abel tasman

Confession time. This week's panorama is really for us. We've been enduring the tail end of a long winter in Berlin. (Yes, it's still going!).Gazing at beach scenes like this one offers a respite, a way to escape to New Zealand for a few moments to forget the lingering snow on the ground outside. We, too, travel vicariously -- even back to the places we've … [Read more...]

Panorama of the Week: Mazunte Beach, Mexico’s Pacific Coast

mazunte beach

When you imagine your ideal beach, what do you see?Ours might feature an open stretch of coast, no crowds and a few small establishments -- the type of place where if you wake up early you may even have the entire beach to yourself.And this is what we found in the laid back town of Mazunte along Mexico's Pacific Coast last week. Open the panorama to see for … [Read more...]

Panorama of the Week: Some Thai Beach Time

thai beach

Recently, we've been spending time on a beach on an island in Thailand. So you might be thinking, "They've gone soft."Perhaps.But we missed being near water and having the space -- both physical and mental -- that comes with looking out over long, wide horizons. There's a certain calm it affords, a certain clarity.Open up the panorama below to see why. … [Read more...]