Beer Me, Berlin!

2011 Berlin Beer Festival

You know it's been a long day at the beer festival when guys in lederhosen start doing the moonwalk. -- The essence of the moment, Saturday night at the Berlin beerfest.More than 2,000 beers from over 300 breweries hailing from 86 countries -- all spread out over two kilometers in the middle of the city. No, this is not Oktoberfest.So many beers yet so … [Read more...]

Panorama of the Week: Bavarian Smokebeer in Bamberg

Roasted Goose Breast and Potato Dumpling - Bamberg, Germany

We've heard that if Bavaria were sliced off from the rest of Germany, the region would exhibit the highest per capita beer consumption in the world. There's good reason for this: the beer is pretty phenomenal. (Don't worry my dear Czech friends, your beer is also phenomenal.)Although we didn't dive too deeply into the details of Bavarian beer and we don't … [Read more...]

When Georgians and Beer Mix

When you toast someone or something in Georgia with a beer, it's more like a curse than a traditional toast for good health and prosperity.I wonder, How many Georgians are drinking beers and clinking to Russia, Putin, and Medvedev right now? … [Read more...]