Exploring Berlin: Virtual Tour Week and a Giveaway

Berlin street art

This is about Berlin, chunky quotes, something new we're trying this week, and a few giveaways to tie it all together.Berlin. A city we love, a city we've chosen as a base. As we dig into Berlin and meet others who've done the same, we learn a little bit more about the city through them -- its layers of history, humanity, creativity, and culture.This week … [Read more...]

Berlin: A Beginner’s Guide

Berlin TV Tower and Berlinerdom

Traveling to Berlin? Here's our Berlin brainstorming guide to give you some approaches and ideas to get started.We have found ourselves in Berlin this year for the third summer in a row. Berlin draws us in, like the school kid who may not be the best looking in the class but has the magnetic personality that everyone wants to be around.Berlin for us is a … [Read more...]

Panorama of the Week: Berlin, Where German Wine Meets Contemporary Art

german wine

When you hear "German wine," what comes to mind?For many it means “Riesling, white wines, sweet.” With the help of VDP (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter) and their 100th anniversary celebration, we aimed to better understand what German wines are all about.The roster: 200 of Germany's best wineries. The backdrop: 70 of Berlin's trendiest art galleries. … [Read more...]

An Eye for Central Europe

Medieval castles, imperial palaces, blocky Soviet throwbacks and new glass and steel buildings lined our paths; poppy seed strudels, potato dumplings, and goose feasts filled our stomachs; light Austrian white wines, hearty Hungarian reds and freshly pulled Czech beers served as social lubrication; and Slavic, Germanic and Finno-Ugric (Hungarian) accents provided the … [Read more...]

I Am Not a Jelly Donut* (Obama in Berlin, A Slideshow)

American Flags at Siegessaule (Victory Column)

Spilling more ink about Barack Obama’s speech in Berlin would be akin to spitting into the ocean. But that won’t stop us, particularly since we noticed coverage of the event was delivered mainly from the perspective of the speaker’s podium.We bring you the other perspective from where we were: in the in the midst of the 200,000 people gathered in Berlin’s … [Read more...]