Faces of the Andes: A Slideshow

When we browse photos from a faraway place to which we've never been, we find that the entire visual panorama -- the faces, the clothing, the landscape -- looks so similar that it blurs any lines of distinction.When you get up close, though, all the subtle differences have a way of evincing themselves more clearly. … [Read more...]

Potosi, Through Children’s Eyes (Where Were You When You Were Twelve?)

We eat the mountain...and the mountain eats us. -- David, a mine guide and former miner in Potosi, echoes a decades-old sentiment about the city's lifeblood, its world-famous silver mines.It was late morning and the sun was bright, the sky crystal at 13,400 feet in Potosi, Bolivia. We were being tended to by a group of schoolgirls dressed as nurses at a hygiene … [Read more...]

Tarija, Bolivia: It’s About the People

Oh, Tarija. The women there are beautiful. It’s their smiles. They are the dream of every Bolivian man. -- David, our Bolivian guide for the Salar de Uyuni tour, delivers an animated testimonial for one of Bolivia’s lesser-known cities.Cafés with outdoor seating line palm tree-dotted squares; cars broadcast opera from open windows as they cruise the plaza; wine … [Read more...]