Interview with Adrianne and Rick


We introduced Adrianne and Rick earlier on this blog. Having told their story to several people recently and feeling renewed inspiration, we wanted to share more about them and their work.We feel that Adrianne and Rick can tell their story better than we can. Below are excerpts from an email interview conducted after they returned to Canada from their latest work … [Read more...]

Battambang on a Motorbike

Primitive Pastoral

Spending a day on the back of a motorbike going around the villages and sites near Battambang is one of the best ways to take in Cambodia’s countryside while getting a bit of an adrenaline kick. This trip proved one of our personal travel hightlights in Southeast Asia. … [Read more...]

The Temples of Angkor – First Impressions

Tourist Attack

Like 99% of the tourists who come to Siem Reap, we came to see the temples of Angkor and became cogs in the Angkor tourist processing machine – arranging transport, buying a 3-day pass, and temple hopping.We had heard beforehand of the spiritual nature of the temples and the beauty of their engravings. We had no idea of the scale of the complex and did not fully … [Read more...]

Musical Chairs, Rambo and Karaoke

Having traveled by boat to Cambodia, we took a pass on the popular - and long - boat trip from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and opted for the cheap bus instead. We figured we could make better use of the extra $4 per person.When we booked our tickets, the agent from the bus company whipped out tickets and checked us off on a seat manifest that was virtually empty. It … [Read more...]

A Mosque, a Lake and an Amazing Sunset

Chinese New Year Celebrations - Phnom Penh

When our tuk-tuk first dropped us off near Boeng Kak Lake in Phnom Penh, it looked like a standard backpacker ghetto - cheap restaurants, internet cafes, guest houses, tattoo parlors, and travel agencies selling discounted bus tickets. We wondered why we had even bothered. But we persisted in a search for a perfect sunset promised by our guide book. … [Read more...]