Blue Eyes, Gold Teeth: The Fabled Land of the Svans

High Caucasus Mountains in Svaneti, Georgia

When you get there, you'll meet the Afghan at the telephone pole.These instructions given to us in Mestia by the Svaneti Mountaineering Tourism Center left us baffled. Is our mountain guide a member of the Mujahideen who’d lost his way and made his home in the mountains of Georgia? After all, in Svaneti just about anything seems possible. … [Read more...]

Svaneti: Why and How To Go

As the Clouds Lifted...

I tell you, the Svanetians are crazy. Their brains are deficient in oxygen. - A Tbilisi resident describing how the high altitudes of Svaneti have affected its people.Svaneti, the high Caucasus mountain region in the northwestern corner of Georgia, has a long reputation of fierce independence characterized by the 12th century defensive towers that still dot many … [Read more...]