A Five Star Dinner at the Taj Dera Chandigarh

Chapati Master

Shortly after our morning encounter, our breakfast pal Vikram checked out our website and gave us a call. He hoped to facilitate our India experience by adding a bit of refinement to it.A few phone calls and a couple of hours later, we were scheduled to meet with Rajan Sharma, the head chef at the Taj Hotel Chandigarh’s Dera Restaurant. … [Read more...]

Lunch with Friends in Chandigarh: Methi Muttar Malai and Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi and Mutter Methi Malai

Not long after breakfast, we were sitting with Sharan and his business partner Rajiv, our previously virtual friends. They were the reason we had come to Chandigarh. Sharan had completed a small software project for me (to help put the finishing touches on our photo gallery) the year before. After the project, Sharan and I continued to stay in touch.When he … [Read more...]

Breakfast in Chandigarh: Samosas at Sai Sweets

Chandigarh Breakfast

"Chandigarh??" Travelers often squawk in confusion when we share our India itinerary with them. While places like Rajasthan, Kerala, and Varanasi register as usual suspects for visits to India, Chandigarh – a planned and rather atypical city in the northern Indian state of Punjab - rarely finds itself on travelers’ must-see checklists. … [Read more...]