Perception Busting in Egypt

Egyptian Man with Beard - Alexandria, Egypt

You guys are the Perception Busters. -- A comment on our Facebook page in response to our arrival in Cairo earlier this week. And a label we're happy to embrace.If you've been following us on Facebook or Twitter recently, you're probably aware that we've been in Egypt this past week.Egypt? But isn't it unsafe now? … [Read more...]

Iran: A Poem to the People

Iranian People

This is a story of a woman I met on a train in Iran and a letter she wrote to me -- a letter I now read through tears.My heart sank as I watched the news from Iran this morning, scenes of the British Embassy being charged by an angry mob in Tehran. It saddens me – angers me, really – that narrow groups like this who define the world’s perception of Iran and the … [Read more...]

Iran: Why We’re Going

Persian Architecture

This is the story of Iran, a country we once expected to visit last, as a final bow wrapped around a journey that tells the story of making human connections around the world. It's also an explanation of why we're going there this Friday. … [Read more...]

Travelers As Diplomats?

Audrey Getting Helping Hand in Turkmenistan

On Thursday night I attended the launch of the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy’s National Initiative* at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The crowd was typically Washington, D.C. (if you’ve ever lived there, you’ll understand). PhDs, former diplomats, the NGO community, and graduate students were all represented.So how did I end up there?I was … [Read more...]