Facing Fears, Wiping Out, and Getting Up Again

Family on a Motorbike in Vietnam

Early last week, I was about to write about fears and the process of facing up to them. I would talk about traveling to places that once frightened me, meeting and interacting with large groups of new people, and jumping out of airplanes. Then, I would channel all those fears known and met through a more recent apprehension I'd tackled: riding a motorbike.I … [Read more...]

Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

outside comfort zone

Go beyond what makes you comfortable. Open yourself to ideas, events, relationships that make you uncomfortable. Travel places where you know no one. Learn another language. Create art, even though you're not an artist. Argue with people. Fall down. Get up. Read books, all sorts of books. -- Juan Williams of NPR during his commencement speech at Whitman … [Read more...]