Discovering Family in Argentina

Audrey and Oma

Q: What’s the proper way to greet family you’ve never met before?A: In Argentina: with kisses, warmth -- and a heck of a lot of steak.Earlier this year, with a visit to relatives in Argentina only days away, I received my first email in Spanish from my grandmother. This may not sound noteworthy, but the fact that she wrote it in her mother tongue transformed … [Read more...]

To Grandfather’s House We Go

We’re headed next to Qingdao to look for my grandfather's birthplace and the house my great-grandparents built. --explaining our travel plans in China to a group of expats at a Thanksgiving dinner in Beijing.The group appeared utterly confused. I don’t look like I’m of Chinese heritage in the least. So how is it that my grandfather was born in China? … [Read more...]