Panorama of the Week: Guizhou, China — Weekly Indigenous Market

guizhou market

While Guizhou Province may not feature the same dramatic bits of nature you'd find in Yunnan or Sichuan Provinces, it does have its share of indigenous markets. And that's why, when we visited China, we based ourselves in the the provincial capital of Kaili for a week.In the weekly market in Chong'an, an area inhabited by ethnic Miao and Gejia, a high school girl … [Read more...]

Accommodation Italy: Participating vs. Spectating

Saturday Fresh Market in Cortona, Tuscany

As we opened the door to the back patio, there they were: a love-insatiable dog, a just-loving-enough cat, and a setting on the edge of the vineyard with a view to the surrounding farms and hills. The picnic tables -- one outside, another inside -- spoke to the perfect place for the all-night rolling snackfeasts of local Tuscan produce we had envisioned. … [Read more...]

Golden Camel Awards, Part 1: Food and Markets

Camel Crossing

Welcome to the first and only Golden Camel Awards, a camel’s eye view of the best and worst that Central Asia and the Caucasus have to offer!While most people don’t travel to the Caucasus and Central Asia solely to explore the cuisine, we had our share of pleasant eating experiences there. We also occasionally felt the wrath of a post-Soviet culinary hangover. … [Read more...]

Video of the Central Asian Market Scene

Shall We Dance?

When we arrive in a new location, we usually seek out the local market. This is how we orient ourselves. Markets provide an easy way to meet real people in a friendly context. They also offer an insight into local food and culture. Central Asian markets proved no different. We found ourselves frequently sampling local fruits (OK, having fruit heaped upon us by the … [Read more...]

Cooking Well in Prague

Fresh Greens

When we first moved to Prague at the end of 2001, fresh goods like celery and limes were luxury food items with out-sized price tags whose whereabouts were restricted to an imported food shop called Fruits de France.In the last five years, however, the landscape for finding fruits, non-root vegetables, spices, herbs and imported goods in Prague has evolved … [Read more...]