Bogartin’ on Gordi

Lithuania music festival

"Bogartin' on Gordi!"That's what Russia is doing in Gori, Georgia - at least according to Angelo Moore, the lead singer of the ska-funk band Fishbone. Our conversation with Angelo takes place at the be2gether summer music festival , on the border of Lithuania and Belarus. … [Read more...]

Politics Without Borders

Last Friday, I had the good fortune to make it across the Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania alive on a 20-hour bus. And I did so just in time to attend the 2nd annual gathering of be2gether, a summer music festival on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border. … [Read more...]

When Georgians and Beer Mix

When you toast someone or something in Georgia with a beer, it's more like a curse than a traditional toast for good health and prosperity.I wonder, How many Georgians are drinking beers and clinking to Russia, Putin, and Medvedev right now? … [Read more...]