Geotagging Photos: A Software Review and Tutorial

Map of Koh Samui

Readers often question whether geotagging photos is worth the time and effort. Of course, this is a personal decision based on, among other considerations, the volume of photos you take, the number of locations you visit over a period of time, and the importance of knowing the precise location where a photo was taken. Oh, and whether you have a bit of geek in you, … [Read more...]

Geotagging Your Photos, Part 3: Uploading and Displaying

Importing Images

You have a virtual stack of geotagged photos. So now what?Share them with the world, and share where in the world you've been.This third (and the tears) segment of our geotagging case study is intended to help you upload your geotagged photos and share them with the world by integrating them with websites that support Google Maps or Yahoo Maps. … [Read more...]

Geotagging Your Photos, Part 2: Importing and Embedding GPS Data

GPS Device Showing Up on a PC

The title sounds like a daunting little geekfest, doesn't it? Not at all - even Audrey has managed to figure it out.Once you begin logging location data with your Sony GPS-CS1 (Sony GPS-CS1KA) GPS device, you'll need to import data from the device, convert it into something usable, and finally embed it into the EXIF data of the photograph. Although this may sound … [Read more...]