Panorama of the Week: The Rhythm and Ritual of a Hindu Temple

hindu temple

Every morning and every evening, just down the block from our guest house in Kuala Lumpur, the local Hindu temple comes alive with the daily puja (prayer).  Worshippers line up to break coconuts, families gather to share blessed meals, Hindu priests prepare to dress Ganesh, and the sadhu attempts to sell 3-D calendars sporting likenesses of Hindu gods.Each time we … [Read more...]

Panorama of the Week: Temple Gates in Trichy, India

trichy temple

Smack dab in the middle of Tamil Nadu in southern India is the city of Tiruchirappalli (say that three times fast), or Trichy (much easier to say, isn't it?). It boasts several famous Hindu temples, including Sri Ranganathaswamy (You can say that three times fast, too, if you like.)What you see is classic India: one part deep history of layered carvings and … [Read more...]