Talkative Tailors in Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An Tailors

Our forays into the tailor shops in Hoi An left us with more than just extra (or superfluous) clothing for our wardrobe. Even when a business deal was clearly not involved, we found that shop owners were often open to sharing their lives and their opinions with us. These unprotected moments provided us with insight into Vietnam's diversity, the legacy of the Vietnam … [Read more...]

Sizing Up Hoi An

Colorful Fabrics at Tailor Shop - Hoi An, Vietnam

Despite what my husband says, I am not a clothes junkie. I avoid shopping if I can get by another season with the same clothes as last. Why is it that I turned into a clothes fiend while in Hoi An?The Hoi An Clothing Craze Begins As soon as we entered the first tailor shop (there are over 200 in Hoi An), a recommendation from the Swedish travelers we had met in … [Read more...]