Bangladesh Village Homestay: Becoming One of the Family

bangladesh homestay

This is the story of a homestay experience in rural Bangladesh -- and a young woman who hopes to be Prime Minister one day.There I was in a traditional courtyard kitchen in a village in Bangladesh. Dirt floor, earthen oven. Mrs. Ali, our host mother, stoked the fire and minded several hot pans. It was time to slice the onions and my turn was up. … [Read more...]

Couch Surfing with KGB Agents

"In your travels, did you ever feel like you were being followed?” a friend recently asked.We looked up as if to page through our mind-file of creepy experiences: “No. At least we don’t think so.”Even when we answered, our response struck me as supremely naïve. Although we aren’t terribly important in the geopolitical grand scheme of things, somebody … [Read more...]