Kyrgyzstan: Women Can Do It

Your Move

When times were difficult during the years following independence, the men felt sorry for themselves and the women carried on with the business of providing for the family. - a Georgian friend explaining the situation there during the early 1990s.Although the quote above is from Georgia, we heard it echoed by women throughout the Caucasus and Central Asia. When … [Read more...]

A Small World Experience in Kyrgyzstan

When we travel, we aim to maximize our depth of understanding of a place relative to the limited amount of time we have to spend there. We try to plan our visit to each location around the people we know, the recommendations they make and a list of sights that we’ve developed independently through our own research. Planning our visit to Kyrgyzstan was no exception. … [Read more...]

A Visual Taste of Kyrgyzstan

If the Horse Takes Off, Hold On

So we went a little nuts with photos in Kyrgyzstan. But we have an excuse. We were there for over a month - tracking down militsia (OVIR, to those familiar) to renew our visas, getting stuck in snowstorms, meeting old friends and collecting new ones, freezing to bits while taking in stunning scenery and enjoying some unbelievably kind hospitality. … [Read more...]

A Perfect Day in Kyrgyzstan

Lake Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan

Though you might think that each day on a journey like this is blessed by beautiful fairy tale scenery, gourmet ethnic food, impeccable accommodation, comfortable transport and the best that humanity has to offer, the reality is often different. We thought it might be interesting to share what a “perfect day” looks and feels like to us.While waiting to extend our … [Read more...]