Reflections: The Camel Chasers

One last thing about Turkmenistan before we move on: camels.No animal seems to capture the essence of grace while embracing its own awkwardness like the Dromedary camel. Though you'll catch the occasional loner wandering the open scrub or tracing the roadside, camels are actually domesticated. … [Read more...]

Kicking Up 4000 Years of History in Turkmenistan

If a baby died, its bones would be kept in a ceramic jar in the house. -- Our guide Oleg providing another fascinating background tidbit on the ruins at Gonur Depe, Turkmenistan.Fifteen minutes later, one of us literally kicked up the fragmented top of an ancient ceramic urn encrusted with earth and filled with small bones. The bit about the bones may sound … [Read more...]

Turkmen Photos Up

turkmen mosque

Check out our Photo Gallery for photos from Turkmenistan, a fascinating place by any measure. Images tell only half the story - stay tuned for more on the country that dabbled in banning beards, smoking and spandex. … [Read more...]