Road to Vientiane

On the Road from Luang Prabang, Laos

Our trusty Lonely Planet guide gave a detailed explanation of every type of transport from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng and Vientiane, but it failed to mention that if there was ever a time to take your motion sickness medicine, this was it. The 3.5 hours of switchbacks felt like an eternity as the road took on the contours of our intestines and vice versa. Our bus … [Read more...]

Big Brother Mouse

Big Brother Mouse - Luang Prabang, Laos

Big Brother Mouse (BBM), a book publishing and literacy program in Luang Prabang, produces children's books in the Lao language to help promote the love of reading and learning in children. The organization was started by a retired American publisher who saw the need for children's books and decided to try to fill the gap himself. The project is taking off and … [Read more...]

Three Levels of Hill Tribes – Luang Prabang

Trekking and Village Kids - Luang Prabang, Laos

Diversity is tucked into the hills surrounding Luang Prabang. Our trek took us through three distinct layers of hill tribes, culture, and life - Lao, Hmong and Khmu. Our guides patiently waded through all of our questions - from life in the villages to the American bombing of Laos in the 60s and 70s - and our group (two Australians, one Guatemalan, and two Filipinos) … [Read more...]

Lao Food Lowdown

Tamarind Cafe Tasting Dish - Luang Prabang

Authentic Lao food can be difficult to find in well-touristed areas like Luang Prabang where Thai curries are often cloaked as local fare. Fortunately for us, we stumbled upon Tamarind Café early in our stay. Its unique menu made a point of introducing and promoting Luang Prabang cuisine. … [Read more...]

The Other Side of Luang Prabang

Boat with TV - Luang Prabang, Laos

One American traveler we spoke to quipped that Luang Prabang actually felt like Sante Fe, New Mexico. A fair comparison, we suppose, given its café-equipped, mid-mountain artsy demeanor and copious artsy shopping opportunities. These features ensure that tourists will keep ‘a coming to this quaint yet polished French colonial outpost on the Mekong. But if you are … [Read more...]