Dhallywood Rickshaw Art in Bangladesh

Bollywood Rickshaw Art in Bangladesh

It's just about impossible to imagine Bangladesh without the bicycle rickshaw. With colorful artwork on the back, hard-working drivers in front, bicycle rickshaws are not relics of the past, but the dominant form of transport throughout the country. The atmosphere of riding in one alternates between the peace of a slow ride above it all and the mania of a … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays from Paraguay

School in Cambodia

A few days ago, we were enjoying the Paraguayan tradition of drinking tereré (a cold version of yerba maté) to cool off from the tropical heat. As we sipped, we chuckled at how the food stalls at the Encarnación bus station broadcast dueling Christmas songs -- a Jingle Bells here, a Frosty the Snowman there. Yet, there we sat sweating away.Hot or cold, the … [Read more...]