Antarctica, The Lemaire Channel [360-Degree Panorama]

LeMaire Channel

We were on our way north, making the long return journey from south of the Antarctic Circle to our final destination in Ushuaia, Argentina. The captain announced that we would soon be going through the Lemaire Channel, a narrow passage strait in northern Antarctica framed by steep cliffs and icebergs.Everyone aboard ship was invited on deck and to the bridge to … [Read more...]

Antarctica, Part 4: An Audio Slideshow

Late Afternoon Reflections in Antarctica

We've spent hours sharing highlights of our Antarctica experience with family, friends and fellow travelers. The result: we get excited, they get excited. And rightfully so -- Antarctica is a special place and our experience there was truly memorable in so many dimensions.Inspired by all of these conversations ourselves, we decided to dabble in a different medium, … [Read more...]

Antarctica, Part 2: Honest Antarctica – Gray Skies, Blue Ice

Life's journeys play host to the constant battle of expectations and delivery. Antarctica was no different except that our expectations of it were within inches of the stratosphere given the mystique and the cost of the trip. However, we did not carry a must-see checklist outlining this bit of wildlife or that bit of landscape, this scene or that moment. We could not … [Read more...]

Antarctica Update #1: The Drake Passage, From Killer Waves to Killer Whales

As a teacup and breakfast plate sailed by Wednesday morning, followed by a fellow passenger or two, it again occurred to me that no story of a destination is complete without recounting the process of getting there.A journey to Antarctica from Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost point of South America requires crossing the Drake Passage, an infamous body of water … [Read more...]