Flight 447: We Cannot Penetrate This Weather

Up in the Air Flight

This is a story about how when you hear penguins at 20,000 feet, there’s a good chance you’re in deep sh*t.“Ladies and gentlemen…the weather situation in Srinagar is very bad…flights are being diverted to Delhi…four flights just before us...we will try and see.”I'd absorbed only fragments of the pilot’s announcement as my head was buried in a book. We’d come … [Read more...]

Ladakh: Dumb Luck, Dreams and Visa Kung Fu

Audrey Wins Grand Prize from ANA Airlines - Seattle, Washington

This is a story about the mystery of mountains, a San Francisco swami, a stroke of good luck, a dabbawalla and the fine art of resourcefulness.Long, long ago in the late 1990s, I lived in San Francisco. And next door to me lived a man who would one day become a swami. And he told me of a land called Ladakh.But before I get to that, a photo. … [Read more...]

Oh, What a Night

Mumbai: Easy to Locate

It was our India moment. You know, the kind of travel moment when you’re on a trip and you think to yourself, “Now this is why I came here.”No, we weren’t sipping masala tea and eating chicken tikka while admiring the image of the Taj Mahal in its reflecting pool. Rather, we were tucked into the sticky folds and the dingy creases of an uncontrived real-life Indian … [Read more...]

Keeping an Indian Pace

Love the Eyes

A roller coaster ride on a bus honking in sync to the beat of Bollywood tunes blaring on a television dangling from the ceiling; a dash through endless strings of chaotic villages and heaps of people; a panorama of barreling trucks listing and careening their way through clouds of dust; an endless cacophony of ear-piercing, elephant-inspired air horns; roadside … [Read more...]