Top 5 Experiences in 2007


We are often asked "What were your best experiences? What are your favorite places?""All-time favorite places" is a difficult one to answer without writing a book, but if we limit the question to 2007 (as we did in our personal growth exercise last night), the answer becomes manageable and something worth sharing with our readers. … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve: A Ritual and a Rat

Wise Faces at Wat Arun

Early on New Year's Eve, before the festivities began, we dropped by a local cafŽe in order to perform our annual year-end ritual of reflection and looking forward. Although the specific exercises have evolved, the objective of our ritual remains the same - reflect on the past year and determine themes for the year ahead. … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve, Bangkok Style

Ringing in the New Year Bangkok Style

This is great! I'm getting kisses from random gender benders. -- Audrey, on our 2008 New Year's Eve night out in Bangkok.Last night, we found ourselves welcoming in the New Year in true Bangkok style - with a band, a late night street food nosh, and a swamp of kisses from a horde of Bangkok's third genders. … [Read more...]

Year-End Wisdom from Nine Sacred Places

By way of a Buddhist festival that we stumbled upon in Bangkok, we found some fitting wishes and words of wisdom for the new year. In the festival pamphlet, designed very much for locals with a nod to us non-Thai speakers, we discovered a list of wishes and matching offerings for each of the nine participating wats (temples). … [Read more...]