New Year’s Eve: A Ritual and a Rat

Wise Faces at Wat Arun

Early on New Year's Eve, before the festivities began, we dropped by a local cafŽe in order to perform our annual year-end ritual of reflection and looking forward. Although the specific exercises have evolved, the objective of our ritual remains the same - reflect on the past year and determine themes for the year ahead. … [Read more...]

Bunkered in Beijing

Mighty Beijing

Having been on the go for one year, we required some stillness in order to evaluate how this journey of ours is going - not just from a travel perspective, but from a personal and business perspective. Beijing seemed as good a place as any to perform this exercise. … [Read more...]

My Day, Your Day: A Low-Tech Life Hack for Preserving Your Partner’s Sanity

Though long-term travel has its advantages, physical and emotional challenges are plenty. It also involves quite a bit of continual planning and preparation. In order to better maintain our sanity and preserve our marriage while on the road, we’ve recently decided to return to a practice that we applied successfully while traveling through Europe for five months in … [Read more...]