From Bangkok to Buenos Aires, For the Love of Public Transport

You took the San Martin city train? Foreigners usually just take taxis here. -– A local porteño, eyes wide, expresses shock at our opting to take one of Buenos Aires’ grittier public transport lines during our first week in town.Taxi cabs are easy: they get you from point A to B directly and with relative efficiency. In a taxi you don’t have to deal with people … [Read more...]

Marshrutka Monologues (or, Why We Travel the Way We Do)

Kyrgyz Marketing

I thought Americans liked to travel in comfort. I don’t know why you take a marshrutka. You should take the marshrutka. There you will meet the real people. -- Two competing local views on whether or not we should subject ourselves to long-distance rides on marshrutka minivans, the dominant form of public transport in the Caucasus and Central Asia. … [Read more...]