Hot Pot Fever

Fixings for Hot Pot

Clinging to the theme of sweaty, shirtless men, we bring you our reflections on hot pot in China.Women, don’t be repulsed. Men, don’t toss your shirts just yet. … [Read more...]

The Search for Grandfather’s House, Part Two

Scott Compound in Tsingtao

The new house, commanding magnificent views of open sea and bathing beaches, and mountains and forest gardens, and houses. North of the Iltis Huk church, at foot of the big hill, on south slope. Wish you could enjoy it soon with us. Big love, Daddy -- a note on the back of a photo of the house in Qingdao, China, written by my great-grandfather to one of his children … [Read more...]

To Grandfather’s House We Go

We’re headed next to Qingdao to look for my grandfather's birthplace and the house my great-grandparents built. --explaining our travel plans in China to a group of expats at a Thanksgiving dinner in Beijing.The group appeared utterly confused. I don’t look like I’m of Chinese heritage in the least. So how is it that my grandfather was born in China? … [Read more...]