Thinking Cycles of Renewal: Sunset Puja in Udaipur, India [360-Degree Panorama]

Udaipur, India

The sun sets on another day in Udaipur, India. People gather at the lake's edge to watch the day wind to an end and to take part in evening puja (prayers). This ritual, a daily cycle, elegantly pays reverence and homage to one day while preparing for the next.As we move from reflecting on and closing out the past year to engaging in the new one, I thought of this … [Read more...]

Udaipur, India: A Photo, A Girl, A Lesson

Girl at the Market in Udaipur, India

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been uploading the remaining photos from our travels through India and Nepal in 2008 (This New Year’s resolution, if you're wondering:  NEVER EVER allow ourselves to get this far behind on photos.)Experiences, emotions, and even memories of certain smells came back to me as I added labels and descriptions.Sometimes a story … [Read more...]

Keeping an Indian Pace

Love the Eyes

A roller coaster ride on a bus honking in sync to the beat of Bollywood tunes blaring on a television dangling from the ceiling; a dash through endless strings of chaotic villages and heaps of people; a panorama of barreling trucks listing and careening their way through clouds of dust; an endless cacophony of ear-piercing, elephant-inspired air horns; roadside … [Read more...]