Gross Eats, Fearless Leaps and Lemonade Stands: Kids Being Kids [Audio Slideshow]

Ah, kids these days. The list runs long of their digital addictions: texting, gadgets, Facebook, internet, and video games. But during our visit to the U.S., we bore witness to a few fleeting moments that reaffirmed that kids are still kids.That is to say, kids as we knew them: little girls leveraging the lemonade-stand model to raise money for an afternoon … [Read more...]

Coming to America: Sharing Our Journey at Home

Only two days ago, we were learning about biodynamic Chilean wines and ziplining through vineyards in the hills outside Santiago, Chile.Just yesterday, en route from Santiago to New York City, we took advantage of a long layover to peek into and poke around the colonial streets of Bogota, Columbia.Today we arrived in New York. (We are writing this on a … [Read more...]

Scranton – Small Town, Big Shadow

I come from Scranton, Pennsylvania and that’s as hardscrabble a place as you’re gonna find. -- An actor playing Joe Biden on Saturday Night LiveAh, Scranton, Pennsylvania. My hometown.I told a friend the other day that we were in Scranton and he responded, “Are you from there? How did it feel to be in America’s most famous political city?” … [Read more...]

A Fisheye Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is our favorite American holiday and favorite American meal, hands down.Last year we enjoyed Thanksgiving with expats from around the world in Beijing, China. This year we share Thanksgiving dinner with family in Scranton, Pennsylvania. … [Read more...]