Kazakh Photos

Young Entrepreneurs

Wedding parties, mountain lakes, Soviet scientific centers and parks - images from Kazakhstan are up in our photo gallery. Enjoy!Kazakh travel photosKazakhstan People: Weddings, Markets and Miscellany Almaty Parks and Sites Tian Shan Mountains … [Read more...]

O Brothel, Where Art Thou?

Our Gostinitsa

"This is a hotel, right?"“Yes.”"Do you have rooms?"“Yes. How long would you like the room?""For one night.""The whole night? You mean until morning?" It was 11:00 P.M. The woman at the desk seemed surprised by Audrey’s response. … [Read more...]

Battle at the Border

kazakhstan battle

Have you ever watched the news and witnessed escaping refugees at a border crossing, crushed against iron bars like animals in a cage? You know the scene. Now superimpose two backpack-laden white faces onto that newsreel, throw in a few cries of “Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan” amongst the shrieks of old women and children being squashed in a sea of madness, and you would … [Read more...]