When Georgians and Beer Mix

When you toast someone or something in Georgia with a beer, it's more like a curse than a traditional toast for good health and prosperity.I wonder, How many Georgians are drinking beers and clinking to Russia, Putin, and Medvedev right now? … [Read more...]

Tbilisi, Georgia: A Scavenger Hunt

View of Sioni Cathedral and Narikala

Some cities seem to exist in two dimensions, best taken in with a camera from afar. Not Tbilisi. Its turbulent history is a veritable bullet list of invasions, destructions, occupations, and reconstructions. As a result, it tends to reveal itself in layers, both architecturally and culturally. Labyrinthine and tactile, Tbilisi invites visitors to dig into it like … [Read more...]

To Vulva!

Evening Drink Overlooking Tbilisi

Thanks to the tourist bus from Iran, we made it back to Baku in time for a feast with Yahya and his family. That evening, we relayed the following story from our days in Tbilisi, Georgia:As we shared an early evening beer on Tabori mountain in Tbilisi with our pal (who shall remain nameless for security reasons), he thrust his bottle in the direction of the … [Read more...]

Kids of Tbilisi – Georgian Voices

Kids of Sololaky - Tbilisi

We had high expectations of Georgia. So far, we have not been disappointed. The people are warm and the place is beautiful.We spent our first day walking around Tbilisi, permanently lost in a sea of street signs in Georgian script (a beautiful script, but completely incomprehensible to us!). No shortage of friendly and genuine offers to help us find our way … [Read more...]