Boom Boom Boom (Richard Marx in Our Room)

A Family Affair

If I were ever tortured, my captors would break me by playing the morning music from the elementary school next door. -- Dan, after the fifth straight day of waking up at 7:15 AM to enjoy a 45-minute syrupy Thai musical loop resembling “It's a Small World After All" followed by a live, 15-minute booming drum and bass cadence used to drive a herd of students to their … [Read more...]

Krabi’s Cheap and Divine Eats

We've often been asked "What's the best food you've had in mainland Southeast Asia?" If forced to choose, we'd opt for an easy way out and vote Thai food as the king of cuisines in the region. And after eating our way through Bangkok, Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, and Krabi in the south, our vote more specifically goes to Krabi. … [Read more...]