Panorama of the Week: Lake Titicaca, Take a Hike

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca, big stuff. South America's largest lake, the world's highest commercially navigable one. And if you take it all in from Bolivia's Isla del Sol, something beautiful. Deep blue skies hang above inky fresh waters, clouds pop over a lonely landscape, and the whole scene is wrapped by the 20,000 foot snowcapped mountains of the Cordillera Real.It's … [Read more...]

Travel: A Means or an End?

Antarctica tour

We are excited to announce that we have been selected by G Adventures for their Wanderers in Residence program. In preparation for the official announcement today, we answered a few questions about our journey, including the age-old travel writing and travel blogging query, "Why do you travel?"In doing so, we ticked off a list, gazed at our navels and stumbled … [Read more...]

TBEX ’10: Where Travel Blogging Meets Speed Dating

This weekend, Audrey and I will be shaking hands and kissing babies, schmoozing and pressing flesh at a meet-and-greet with the well-traveled. Those of you in the circle know it as TBEX. To those of you outside the world of travel blogging -- yes, Virginia, there really is such a thing -- it's the Travel Blog Exchange conference.As we dropped in on PREBEX, an ad … [Read more...]

Do You Travel to Blog or Blog to Travel?

If you consider yourself a travel blogger, I have a question for you: Do your travels determine your blogging? Or does your blogging determine your travels?In other words, does your blogging life – your online persona and community – actively play a role in how you choose your travel destinations and activities? … [Read more...]