Our Low Tech Travel Gear of the Year

Dan with his Dry Sack in the Annapurna Circuit

These days, gadgets and flashy digital toys steal the limelight. And I'd be lying to you if I said we didn’t enjoy ours. But sometimes it’s the low-tech items that literally save the day.From the dollar store to the health food store, we go old school for a moment and highlight some simple, non-gadgety stuff in our backpacks that we’ve come to know, rely on, and … [Read more...]

These Clothes Don’t Owe Me Nothin’

If you happened to be on an Antarctic cruise or wandering around Patagonia and you notice someone -- six feet tall, short hair and dressed like a vagrant in threadbare duds -- that would be me. I'm the guy whose jeans have giant holes in the knees ("Very 1980s," I'm told), holey t-shirts (we've all loved many of those) and a gaping breach in the sole of his right … [Read more...]