Snackin’ in Saigon

Bo La Lot ( Seasoned Beef in Betel Leaf) - Saigon, Vietnam

Sit down Hanoi, watch, and learn from your southern sister, Ho Chi Minh City (a.k.a. Saigon or HCMC). Though we unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to dive into Saigon as deeply as we did Hanoi, we can safely say we prefer its street food scene, hands down.Here’s just a wee taste. … [Read more...]

Hungry in Hoi An

Mango Rooms - Hoi An, Vietnam

After you've settled into your new Hoi An custom-tailored wardrobe, hit the streets in search of food and burst a few buttons on those new duds of yours. Your well-dressed taste buds will notice a flavor that resembles a blend of Chinese, Vietnamese and fusion (i.e., experimental and not traditional). Some dishes even purportedly (and oh so exotically) call for water … [Read more...]