A Tandem Bungy Jump on Valentine’s Day [VIDEO]

Tandem Bungy Jump on Valentine's Day - Kawarau Bridge near Queenstown, New Zealand

I am starting to wonder about you guys. every time you celebrate your 'love' (V-day, anniversary) you jump off something very high. Please explain. -- A good friend responds to our Valentine’s Day bungy jump, capturing a little problem we seem to have.So there we were in New Zealand, Valentine’s Day approaching. We find ourselves in Queenstown, the so-called … [Read more...]

Next Up: Going Big in Japan

Japan Geisha

I have never been to Japan.Audrey has, but she enjoys the distinction of having eaten a hamburger there. In fact, she requested it. Insisted even. Forgive her though, she was only seven, it was her birthday and she was tired of noodles. But she did wear a blue kimono to make up for it.No, this is not Audrey. … [Read more...]

Tanzania: My 7th Continent, A Mountain to Climb


This is a story of an old legal pad, a mountain in Africa, and a distant dream of shooting an honest game of golf under 90.Tucked deep inside a cardboard box in Prague, Czech Republic, there’s a half-torn crumpled piece of yellow legal pad paper that reads somewhere in the middle, scribbled in blue ballpoint: “Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.” … [Read more...]

Bali Holiday Week: Volcanoes, Diving, Temples, Cooking

Tanah Lot, Bali

For a relatively small island, Bali can pack in a lot of activities in just a week: volcano-climbing at dawn, diving in coral reefs, cooking traditional Balinese cuisine, visiting Balinese Hindu temples, taking in a traditional Kecak performance, hanging with monkeys, and enjoying a few Balinese massages.Remember when you’d return to school from summer break and … [Read more...]

Travel Snobbery and a Tour to Bali

Hiking Mt. Batur Volcano - Bali, Indonesia

Apparently, it’s easy to be a travel snob.Independent travelers can look down on tour groups as not being “hard core” or “authentic” enough. Luxury travelers can look down on backpackers as cheapskates one notch above street riffraff. Holiday-makers looking to relax with a cocktail on the beach are not “real” travelers while those who are trying to live on $5 a … [Read more...]

Becoming Wanderers in Residence with G Adventures


Over the weekend, we alluded to the fact that we had been selected as inaugural members of the G Adventures Wanderers in Residence program. We were introduced on stage, we called it out on Facebook and Twitter, people congratulated us.Then the phones started ringing. The back channels lit up. So did the front channels. Everyone was asking: “Sounds cool. Now what … [Read more...]

Travel: A Means or an End?

Antarctica tour

We are excited to announce that we have been selected by G Adventures for their Wanderers in Residence program. In preparation for the official announcement today, we answered a few questions about our journey, including the age-old travel writing and travel blogging query, "Why do you travel?"In doing so, we ticked off a list, gazed at our navels and stumbled … [Read more...]