A Mother’s Day Slideshow and Message of Peace from Hiroshima


For this Mother's Day, we are in Hiroshima, Japan, the site of the dropping of the first atomic bomb. Although the city was once a site of death and destruction beyond what we could ever imagine, the message here now is one of peace.Michiko, our volunteer goodwill guide at the Hiroshima Peace Park, explained how her mother was a survivor of the atomic bomb. Her … [Read more...]

International Women’s Day Slideshow

Today is International Women's Day. To celebrate, we share an updated version of our Women from Around the World slideshow.You probably won't see any of these women on TV or on the covers of magazines (well, maybe someday). Instead, they are the women we meet in markets, on public transport, in the shops that they run, in rural villages, on city streets. They are … [Read more...]

Women of the World: A Best of Slideshow

Throughout this journey, it has continually been impressed upon me that being a woman in many parts of the world is still no easy task. The force of prejudice and the impact of poor education, difficult working conditions, low pay and limited access to medical care make life challenging for women around the world.Hope remains, however. … [Read more...]

Kyrgyzstan: Women Can Do It

Your Move

When times were difficult during the years following independence, the men felt sorry for themselves and the women carried on with the business of providing for the family. - a Georgian friend explaining the situation there during the early 1990s.Although the quote above is from Georgia, we heard it echoed by women throughout the Caucasus and Central Asia. When … [Read more...]