Tanzania Highlights: A Slideshow

Banana beer and biryani. Night markets and nutmeg. Kilimanjaro and Kendwa beach. Safaris and Stone Town. Zanzibar and zebras. Maasai and Manyara.

This is Tanzania in three weeks. See it all in the slideshow below.

Tanzania, Best Of Photos: Kilimanjaro, Safari, Masai Village, Zanzibar

If you don’t have a high-speed connection or you’d like to read the captions, you can view the Tanzania, a Best Of photo set.


Disclosure: Our Tanzania Encompassed Tour was provided by G Adventures in connection with its Wanderers in Residence program. As always, the opinions expressed here are entirely our own.


The experiences above were from the G Adventures’ Tanzania Encompassed Tour. If you plan to book this or another tour with G Adventures, please consider starting the process by clicking on the ad below. The price stays the same to you and we earn a small commission. Thank you!

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  1. says

    @Sutapa: Thanks! The hippos, particularly en masse in a large group, were so foul that former hippo lovers were given pause. One woman in our group was rethinking her love of hippos altogether.

    @Sierra: Africa money…love it!

  2. Pepe says

    Oh my God, what amazing ans spectacular photos, I love the African animals such as lions or zebras,I want to take a trip around many of the beautiful savannas in Africa.

  3. says

    Amazing stuff! We really enjoy reading your blog. We used it often when planning our trip to Central Asia. We were skeptical of some of the “Stans,” but reading about your experiences really encouraged us.

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