Panorama of the Week: Wenshu Temple Tea Garden – Chengdu China

Ear cleaning, mahjong, and ladies gossiping: just another ordinary day at a tea garden in Chengdu, China.

Pick up a tea cup with your favorite type of tea leaves inside, grab a seat at a table and enjoy the scene of life playing out in the tea garden. Men with large copper kettles filled with hot water make the rounds to ensure your cup is never empty.

360-Degree Panorama: Wenshu Temple Tea Garden in Chengdu – Sichuan, China

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The hustle and bustle of big city Chengdu lies just outside the walls of the garden, but you’d never know it by the tranquility inside. That is, until the ear cleaner sets his sights on you and decides that you are to be his next client!


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  1. says

    @Michael: Intimate and public have different definitions in many parts of the world :) Here’s a photo of the ear cleaner at work at the tea garden:

    @Andi: It was the type of place you could spend all day and not even notice the time pass.

    @Sonya: Glad you enjoy these Friday panoramas!

    @Anthony: This spherical panorama is 4-5 images taken with a fisheye lens (8 mm), stitched together with some software and then made into a flash tour like you see here. Glad you had fun with this!

  2. says

    @marla: I don’t know how we missed your comment previously. Thank you. True that: the tea garden is oddly a one stop shop: tea, ear cleaning and social parlor!

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