Panorama of the Week: The Tea Gardens of Bangladesh

Have you ever wondered where your morning tea comes from?

The story of the tea pickers in Bangladesh (anywhere in South Asia, really) is a long and often sad one. However, as difficult as their lives are, the women working in the tea gardens have always been exceptionally friendly and open towards us. Humbling and inspiring at the same time.

One day, we will tell their story on the pages of this blog. Until then, you can get a sense of where some of your morning (or afternoon) tea might have come from.

Take a spin around this spherical panorama and see the tea pickers at work in a tea estate in Srimongol, Bangladesh.

Panorama: Tea Gardens of Srimongol, Bangladesh

panorama directions

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  1. says

    @Armin: Glad you enjoying these weekly panoramas! We do use a fisheye lens (8mm) to take 4-5 images for each panorama. Then we use Autopano Giga and Panotour Pro to stitch the images together for a flat panorama and then to make the flash “tour” you see here. The result is pretty fun.

    @Ayelet: Thanks! We’re hoping to do a piece on the tea pickers of Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. It’s a fascinating history of how these tea gardens were created by the British and how they brought populations from other parts of the country to work them, thereby creating little enclaves of different ethnic groups. This legacy continues today with some difficult circumstances for the tea pickers.

  2. says

    Wow! I’ve never seen anything like this on a blog before. Amazing. How did you do it? On another note, I’ll look forward to hearing their stories through you. Thanks for the photo – looks beautiful.

  3. Doris says

    I think that if this is really the place where my tea comes from is more than beautiful, I think that this is the reason why I get so much energy and become so fresh when having my morning tea!

  4. says

    @Adam: Glad you continue to enjoy these panos! A cup of oolong in the morning is a lovely way to start one’s day. No oolong grown in Bangladesh, but this area is home to 7-layer tea. Quite unique!

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