Top 5 Experiences in 2007

Children Playing in Mud - Battambang, Cambodia
Enjoying the first rains of the season in Battambang, Cambodia.

We are often asked “What were your best experiences? What are your favorite places?

“All-time favorite places” is a difficult one to answer without writing a book, but if we limit the question to 2007 (as we did in our personal growth exercise last night), the answer becomes manageable and something worth sharing with our readers.

Top 5 Travel Experiences in 2007

1. Battambang, Cambodia

We still light up when we describe our time here. Cambodia and its people proved delightful. Our experiences in and around Battambang – our trip there, a day on a motorbike, a Buddhist wedding blessing and a cooking class – made this place a highlight of highlights.

2. Turkmenistan

Surprisingly curious and engaging people, a lingering quirkiness and a hopefully improving future.

3. Kazakhstan

The moment we were literally out of the woods and realized that we would survive without the assistance of a helicopter lift.

4. Kyrgyzstan

An all-around enjoyable travel experience including a horse trek, a wisdom-filled discussion with a shepherd, a Ramadan feast, and a series of breath-taking landscapes.

5. Zugdidi, Georgia

The food was very good, but the kindness shown to us by a group of Georgian women at the market in Zugdidi is what we’ll truly remember.

ADDENDUM (January 19, 2007): After recently sharing our experiences in Laos with several travelers, we were reminded of how much we love this country and wondered how we managed to exclude it from our Top 5 of 2007. Belatedly giving credit where it is due:

Laos: Luang Prabang and Nong Khiaw – Laid back atmosphere, outrageously cute children, delicious cuisine and peaceful monks.

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