Bolivia Travel Articles, Photos and Panoramas

Panorama of the Week: Lake Titicaca, Take a Hike

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca, big stuff. South America's largest lake, the world's highest commercially navigable one. And if you take it all in from Bolivia's Isla del Sol, something beautiful. Deep blue skies hang above inky fresh waters, clouds pop over a lonely landscape, and the whole scene is wrapped by the 20,000 foot snowcapped mountains of the Cordillera Real.It's … [Read more...]

Potosi, Through Children’s Eyes (Where Were You When You Were Twelve?)

We eat the mountain...and the mountain eats us. -- David, a mine guide and former miner in Potosi, echoes a decades-old sentiment about the city's lifeblood, its world-famous silver mines.It was late morning and the sun was bright, the sky crystal at 13,400 feet in Potosi, Bolivia. We were being tended to by a group of schoolgirls dressed as nurses at a hygiene … [Read more...]

Tarija, Bolivia: It’s About the People

Oh, Tarija. The women there are beautiful. It’s their smiles. They are the dream of every Bolivian man. -- David, our Bolivian guide for the Salar de Uyuni tour, delivers an animated testimonial for one of Bolivia’s lesser-known cities.Cafés with outdoor seating line palm tree-dotted squares; cars broadcast opera from open windows as they cruise the plaza; wine … [Read more...]

Cocaine: A Story That Begins in the Bolivian Jungle

I need to fill up the tank completely. Finding gasoline in Chapare can be unreliable. It’s one of the ingredients in cocaine production – and that gets first priority. -- Alvarro, our client and guide in Cochabamba, Bolivia explains why it’s necessary to gas up in the city before heading into the jungle.Paraguay customs. We had just crossed the 200 mile desert … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving in Bolivia, MacGyver* in the Kitchen

Thanksgiving may be over, but I’m still thankful.We admit it – we are the worst bloggers. Many wrote their Thanksgiving posts a week or two before turkey day while others prepared something to publish on the day itself.Then there’s us.We intended - we really did - to publish a reflection yesterday, but life took over and filled our day with a raft of … [Read more...]