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Insider’s Prague: Tourist Traps to Avoid, What to Do, Where to Eat

View of Prague

While we lived in Prague, we were simultaneously awed by its beauty and frustrated by the rapacious tourism development that had swamped its old town. Recently, I've read a few blog posts from travelers disappointed by their visits to Prague because of the city's tourist schlock. Yes, there's a fair heap of it. But, there are also ways to avoid it. … [Read more...]

Clown and Country: A Week in the Czech Countryside

In the midst of catching up on all things bureaucratic and beer in Prague, we opted for a week-long countryside interlude about an hour from the Czech capital.Two country buses later, we were completely removed from the big city and found ourselves thrust into the pastoral - a slower pace of life. And thanks to a friend’s generous offer, we were immersed in the … [Read more...]