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Panorama of the Week: Great Synagogue in Budapest, Hungary

budapest synagogue

The Great Synagogue (aka, Dohány Street Synagogue) in Budapest is the largest synagogue in Europe (and 2nd largest in the world). We stumbled upon it while strolling around Budapest on an autumn day and were taken back by its architectural design and unusual colorful exterior.Originally built in the mid-19th century, the synagogue was destroyed by Nazi and Allied … [Read more...]

Budapest: Warmth and Spice in Central Europe

Hungary stands distinct in Middle Europe: it doesn't resemble its Slavic, Germanic or Romanian neighbors in language or features. Even more rare for this region, Hungarians like heat - in their food, in their baths, and even in their relationships (Hungarians are known to take public displays of affection to a whole new level).Although we visited Budapest, … [Read more...]

The Elections, Our Homecoming

Election Night in Budapest

Ever wish those gadgets in Star Trek were real? As the U.S. Presidential election results streamed in on Tuesday night, we sure did. We were desperate for a transporter to beam us across Europe and the Atlantic Ocean to the United States.We didn't go to sleep here in Budapest, Hungary until 7 AM on Wednesday morning, after the election results were in and the … [Read more...]