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Thailand and Kyrgyzstan: Travel, Media, and Fear of the Unknown

Kyrgyz Mountain Kids

If you keep up with the news, it’s hard not to notice that Thailand and Kyrgyzstan have been in the midst of political turmoil and violent protests this past week. In an effort to offer a foil to images of bloodied protesters in Bishkek, I posted a link to a series of photo essays from our visit to Kyrgyzstan in 2007.Some friends thanked us, while another also … [Read more...]

Kyrgyzstan Visas

Known as the most visa-friendly country in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan’s visa was a piece of cake – no Letters of Invitation (LOIs), no questioning. Just fill out an application, pay the fee in the morning and return in the afternoon for the visa. We did this in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.If you are flying into Bishkek, don’t bother to get your visa in advance. Visas on … [Read more...]

The Pamir Mountains and Wakhan Valley – People and Landscape

Tajikistan Pamirs - A Beautiful Defense

Our visit to the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan introduced us to some the most spectacular scenery we’ve taken in on our journey thus far. Other mountainous areas, hyped in guidebooks and on travel websites, have only paled in comparison. The Pamir region not only stands out for the severity and beauty of its landscape, but it shines most of all for the colorful, … [Read more...]

Kyrgyzstan: Women Can Do It

Your Move

When times were difficult during the years following independence, the men felt sorry for themselves and the women carried on with the business of providing for the family. - a Georgian friend explaining the situation there during the early 1990s.Although the quote above is from Georgia, we heard it echoed by women throughout the Caucasus and Central Asia. When … [Read more...]

Top 5 Experiences in 2007


We are often asked "What were your best experiences? What are your favorite places?""All-time favorite places" is a difficult one to answer without writing a book, but if we limit the question to 2007 (as we did in our personal growth exercise last night), the answer becomes manageable and something worth sharing with our readers. … [Read more...]