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Back to Baltics: Images of a Former Soviet Dream

The Baltics. Reminiscent of a bargain property on the original Monopoly board; not to be confused with the powder keg Balkans; a region whose history features intermittent eras of independence and occupation; and a place whose emotional pendulum swings between the almost white nights of its brief summers and the steel wool grayness of its long winters.Home to over … [Read more...]

Vilnius Photos and Election Day

Unless you just rose from the dead, you are probably aware that today – November 4, 2008 – is election day in the United States.Sharing photos from Vilnius, Lithuania may seem irrelevant on such a momentous day, but it was from there where we voted for the next U.S. President (by absentee ballot) and sank into the quagmire of election news fixation. … [Read more...]

Days of Double Rainbows

Autumn days. The sun pulls up short. The light bends. The days shorten. We exchange the coming of winter for the changing of the leaves.Today, in the midst of Mother Nature's machinations, a double rainbow appeared outside the window overlooking the Church of St. Teresa in Vilnius, Lithuania. … [Read more...]

Bogartin’ on Gordi

Lithuania music festival

"Bogartin' on Gordi!"That's what Russia is doing in Gori, Georgia - at least according to Angelo Moore, the lead singer of the ska-funk band Fishbone. Our conversation with Angelo takes place at the be2gether summer music festival , on the border of Lithuania and Belarus. … [Read more...]

Politics Without Borders

Last Friday, I had the good fortune to make it across the Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania alive on a 20-hour bus. And I did so just in time to attend the 2nd annual gathering of be2gether, a summer music festival on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border. … [Read more...]