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Panorama of the Week: The World’s Loneliest UNESCO Site

trinidad unesco

Have you ever wondered which UNESCO World Heritage site is the least visited?When we heard a rumor calling out the Jesuit ruins in the towns of Trinidad and Jesus in Paraguay as the least appreciated UNESCO World Heritage site, we figured they were worth a visit.Open the panorama below in fullscreen (tilt up) and then consider the back-story of a community … [Read more...]

Why Paraguay?

To be hugged by a rodent of unusual size (ROUS)?Despite all the itinerary changes we made during our Latin American journey, we never took Paraguay off the table. Maybe that’s because we knew virtually nothing about it. We hadn’t met anyone who’d been. That few others traveled there was an indication that we should. … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays from Paraguay

School in Cambodia

A few days ago, we were enjoying the Paraguayan tradition of drinking tereré (a cold version of yerba maté) to cool off from the tropical heat. As we sipped, we chuckled at how the food stalls at the Encarnación bus station broadcast dueling Christmas songs -- a Jingle Bells here, a Frosty the Snowman there. Yet, there we sat sweating away.Hot or cold, the … [Read more...]

Cocaine: A Story That Begins in the Bolivian Jungle

I need to fill up the tank completely. Finding gasoline in Chapare can be unreliable. It’s one of the ingredients in cocaine production – and that gets first priority. -- Alvarro, our client and guide in Cochabamba, Bolivia explains why it’s necessary to gas up in the city before heading into the jungle.Paraguay customs. We had just crossed the 200 mile desert … [Read more...]