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Prague Astronomical Clock [360-Degree Panorama]

prague clock

As the top of the hour nears in Prague, crowds gather in front of the Astronomical Clock on Staroměstské náměstí (Old Town Square) and wait for the show to begin -- all in a ritual that's happened almost daily for six hundred years of the clock's life.The first attention goes to the twelve apostles that emerge from the little window at the top. They go around in … [Read more...]

Twitter-Length Answers to Prague’s Top 10 Questions

We have been in Prague – our previous home – for a little over a week now. We've noticed our friends' questions regarding our journey and current state huddling around certain themes.Although we can’t succinctly recreate online the atmosphere of a Pilsner beer-driven discussion in a Czech pub, we can attempt to answer these questions with astounding brevity in … [Read more...]

Is This The End?

As scheduled, we are flying to Europe today from China.Asia has been our home for almost 18 months. Now that we've become accustomed to dumplings, noodle soup and Nescafe with condensed milk for breakfast, we depart with mixed emotions (well, our emotions towards Nescafe are clear: we are very happy to leave it behind). We also leave behind the richness of … [Read more...]

The Best European Christmas Markets

We’re here in Beijing, China and the only things going up more rapidly than new buildings are Christmas trees (mostly fake, of course). Last night, we became nostalgic while strolling past another giant shopping center Christmas tree, this one shielded by a roof that houses the world's largest LED video screen (250 meters long by 30 meters wide).Though the … [Read more...]

Eating Ethnic in Prague

Pho (Vietnamese Soup), Prague Style

When we first moved to Prague in 2001, ethnic restaurants were relatively expensive; the selection was slim and value low. In response, we sought out odd spice shops and developed new skills in cooking Italian, Indian, Thai and Mexican. As with the availability of ingredients, the number of ethnic restaurants in Prague has grown substantially over the last few years. … [Read more...]

Cooking Well in Prague

Fresh Greens

When we first moved to Prague at the end of 2001, fresh goods like celery and limes were luxury food items with out-sized price tags whose whereabouts were restricted to an imported food shop called Fruits de France.In the last five years, however, the landscape for finding fruits, non-root vegetables, spices, herbs and imported goods in Prague has evolved … [Read more...]

Malesice – Prague’s Little Hanoi

Wondering where the real Vietnamese food is in Prague? Are fresh herbs and Asian goods your thing?Where did you get those bags of frozen tiger shrimp? Where do you get your fresh Thai basil and long beans? Where did you get all those fresh herbs for your Vietnamese summer rolls?If we had a nickel (a Czech koruna, perhaps?) for every time we’d been asked … [Read more...]